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Our goal is to help you achieve your health goals naturally.  Supplements can be powerful in supporting your health; but they can also harm you if not taken properly.  This is why it's important to be guided by expert medical advice.  We started Dr.

Costa Naturals with the goal of making expert medical advice and top quality all-natural health products attainable.  Whether your goal is boosting immunity, losing weight and gaining energy, building muscle or managing common health worries, we can help.  Whether you are an aspiring athlete or you want to put anxiety in it's place, let's talk about getting better!

  • Dr. Richard Costa is currently a Family Physician in New Jersey, practicing for over 30 years. He is also a former Professional Bodybuilder, winning the title ‘Mr. New Jersey’.  Prior to becoming a Doctor, he owned a health food store.   

The number one question everyone asks him, “what makes your products different”? Dr. Costa says, “I was tired of seeing low-grade vitamins, supplements, and proteins that were not effective, not helping people, and in some cases dangerous to consume. I owned a health food store before becoming a doctor and have combined my medical and homeopathic knowledge to offer the best products to my customers. I know that they will feel the difference.”

  • B. Maria Costa manages all aspects of Dr Costa Naturals' operations.  Maria was a Pharmaceutical Representative, educating healthcare providers in Cardiovascular, Mental Health, Pulmonary and Pain. 
      "In my early 30's, I was diagnosed with advanced stage cancer, which caused me to need surgery and have radiation treatments for almost four years.  During my battle with cancer, I realized the value of an integrative, holistic approach to my health.  Helping our clients learn about natural and homeopathic options to enhance their health is a privilege and a pleasure."