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Dr Costa Naturals Grand Opening Party November 19, 2018

On November 19th, after many months of work, we celebrated our grand opening and Phil's homecoming from Spain. We were humbled by the support we received from our community of long time friends, family, patients and even Rick Jr. and Phil's high school football coach, Jerry Mcconnell. We enjoyed food and drinks in the midst of an astounding performance by talented illusionist, Kevin Bethea. Additionally, we gained valuable insight regarding the ways which Dr. Costa Naturals' all natural supplements can improve our overall health and well-being. We discussed various aspects of organically enhancing health and weight loss, as well as optimizing athletic performance and managing stress and anxiety. It was most definitely an enjoyable evening to remember!

As the night came to a conclusion, we had a chance to reflect on why we created Dr. Costa Naturals, how far we have come, and our hopes for the future. Dr. Costa shared several stories and personal accounts identifying his deep-rooted ties to nutrition and health. Specifically, Dr. Costa shared a story saying,"I recall when I was a little boy and there was a health food store about three doors down from me. I would visit that store and learn everything I could about nutrition and supplements." He was 10 years old buying granola and vitamins. At age 12, he was introduced to weight lifting by his Uncle Frank. He shared fond memories of these times as he recalled sending a mail request away to retain a series of instructional books and videos on bodybuilding. Dr. Costa said, "I couldn't wait to get to each new lesson as I learned the various technical aspects of lifting and training. It wasn't long before fitness and nutrition became a way of life for him. Naturally, he was destined to pursue this path as every fiber in his being was leading him to the opening of Costa's Health Foods in Laurel Hill, NJ. He competed in many bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions. Until, he won the title of Mr. New Jersey in 1981, and was faced with a fork in the road. He could either compete for Mr. Olympia, or he could pursue another great aspiration in his life, completing medical school. He chose to become a doctor of osteopathic medicine as he felt this path allowed him to fully utilize his talents and passions to help heal and maintain his loved ones and community's health. Over 35 years later, we opened Dr. Costa Naturals store and nutritional line, to bring his dream full circle. We are so proud of him and this new opportunity to help our community. We thank everyone who has come out to the store or visited us online for your support and kind words. We deeply believe the future holds high hopes of greater health and longevity for everyone!

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